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A strongly international focus is a key profile element of the University of Passau — and the Language Centre lays the groundwork: our range of languages and courses allows you to develop advanced skills in a number of foreign languages.

FFA programmes

Subject-specific language programmes

The FFA programmes are language courses tailored to students' degree subjects. They conclude with the subject-specific language examinations, FFP, which are aligned with various levels of the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR).


A UNIcert certificate

As an accredited UNIcert® test centre, the Language Centre provides foreign language training up to levels III and IV, the highest levels available in the UNIcert® system: these language certificates really are a winning ticket.

Our profile — your advantage

The language courses we offer are strongly oriented on higher education needs. This means there is rapid progression and the course content prepares students for studying or working abroad.

In addition to European languages such as English, French and Spanish, the Language Centre offers Chinese, Italian, Portuguese and Russian, languages that are gaining in importance on the international arena. Knowledge of Slavic and Asian languages give our students a competitive edge on the international labour markets.


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