Language placement tests

Language placement tests

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The aim of the placement tests is to ascertain your linguistic competence in the relevant language to ensure you will join the course at a level that corresponds to your existing language skills.

Who needs to take a placement test?

If you have existing knowledge of the language and have not previously studied this language at the University of Passau, you are required to take a placement test, the results of which are binding. Please make sure you bring the test results along to the first language class.

You do not need to take a placement test if you have no prior knowledge of the language: please register for 'Grundstufe 1.1' (i.e. Foundation 1.1), the beginner's level.

Nor do you need to sit the placement test if you have previously studied this language at the University of Passau and are moving on to the next level: simply sign up for the next higher level, even if you have not yet received your examination results from the previous semester.

For English, French, Spanish and Italian, the Language Centre holds regular placement tests at the start of every semester.

For Polish, Portuguese and Russian, placement tests are only held at the start of every winter semester. For all other languages, you should talk to the language lecturer directly before the language courses start, if you have prior knowledge of the language.

It is crucial that you bring a print-out of your test result on the first day of your language course. If you do not have your test result with you, you may lose your place on the course. Furthermore, if you have prior knowledge of the language and do not take the test, you will be de-registered from the course – even if this fact comes to light in the middle of the semester.

Placement test results are valid for two semesters. If you do not begin the language course in those two semesters, you will need to re-take the test before you can join.

For English, French, Italian and Spanish, so-called 'C-Tests' are carried out. These computer-based tests are currently the most reliable of their kind, and are used throughout the world. You do not need to register prior to taking the C-Test and may sit them at any time during the test dates.

For Portuguese, Polish or Russian you will sit a conventional paper-based test.

Placement tests for English

For English language courses, the placement tests are divided into the following three subject areas:

  • Law
  • Cultural studies
  • Business and economics

Students enrolled in a degree programme administered by the Faculty of Computer Science and Mathematics or in a Teacher Education Programme should take the English for Cultural Studies test.

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